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Tips for Safe Operation: Earthmover Hire

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Earthmovers are essential pieces of equipment for many landscaping and construction projects. When you're looking into earthmover hires, you need to have safety at the forefront of your mind. By understanding some vital tips, you can make sure your project is a safe success.

Operator Training and Certification

Before hiring an earthmover, make sure the person(s) operating it receive the right training. You may find that the rental company you're using offers refresher training, or they can direct you towards an organisation that does.

Additionally, you need to make sure the operator has the right certifications for your local area and the type of project you're working on. Again, the earthmover hire provider can help you assess whether this is the case.

Performing an Inspection

Most earthmover hire companies will routinely inspect their equipment to make sure there are no faults. However, as an additional layer of safety, it's important that you perform your own inspection before accepting the machinery onto your site. Look for signs of wear and damage, and pay particularly close attention to the hydraulics, tires and attachments.

To direct your inspection, read the operator's manual. Operators' manuals usually offer advice on what to look for. Make sure the manual is specific to the model of the earthmover you're hiring.

Job Site Assessment

Before hiring and using your earthmover, make sure you fully assess the job site. Look for obstacles, uneven surfaces and overhead objects that might cause an obstruction.

As a part of your job site assessment, clearly mark the areas where you'll use the earthmover. If you flag any areas that need addressing, consider delaying the hire until you correct them.

Safe Operating Practices

Before using your hired earthmover, make sure you establish some safe operating practices amongst your team. Key considerations should include:

  • Follow speed limits and make sure you pay close attention to sloped terrain.
  • Ensure you use approved attachments and perform thorough inspections to establish that they're securely in place.
  • Impress the importance of keeping a clear line of sight when using the earthmover. Make it clear that it's necessary to tackle blindspots as and when they arise rather than engaging in guesswork.

Safety is a non-negotiable factor when it comes to earthmover hire. A lot of the safety measures you engage in should take place during the hiring process and before the machine arrives onsite. If you struggle with any safety-related factor, discuss your concerns with the hire company. For more information on earthmover hires like earthmoving Bobcat hires, contact a company near you.