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What to Consider When Selecting a Foundation Drilling Rig for Your Needs

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Foundation drilling is important in civil projects that require deep foundations to support the weight of the large structures, such as bridge and road interchange construction. Of course, heavy construction machinery is employed to get the work done correctly.

There is a vast selection of foundation drilling rigs on the market. Each rig is designed and built with specific drilling needs in mind, so you can't choose just any machine for your project. 

So what makes a great drilling rig? There are so many factors that should be considered in determining the correct rig for each project. Here are some top things to think about when choosing yours.

Engine Power

Manufacturers of heavy construction machines usually use two specs to indicate how powerful an engine is. These are horsepower and torque. Understanding what these two terms mean is essential for choosing the right rig for your project.

Horsepower is the power that an engine generates, whereas torque is the resultant force that is generated. Create definitions and formulas for your drilling operations to know which horsepower-torque combo suits your project, and choose a machine that matches your requirements.

Rig Size

The size of the rig really matters. While larger rigs offer more power, they can take time to set up and may not fit into all worksites. For applications where you need to drill in tight spaces, for example, you will need a rig that can work around tight angles but still provide you with the power you need to get the job done.

Power Source 

Foundation drilling machines are available in a variety of power sources to suit the different needs of machine users. Even though diesel-powered drilling rigs are the most widely used because of their power, you can still choose from alternative power sources, such as petrol and electricity.

Electric models are a superb choice for poorly ventilated worksites that may expose workers to harmful gas emissions if other power sources are used. Consider your drilling needs and the impact of your drilling operations on the environment when selecting a machine for your project.

Taking the above-highlighted points into consideration when choosing a rig for your foundation drilling operations should enable you to make the right decision. But if you feel overwhelmed with the choices available to you and need professional help with selecting the right machine for your needs, don't hesitate to consult a foundation drilling specialist.