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Comparing Heavy Construction Equipment for Demolition Jobs

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In a large country, like Australia, buildings are sometimes left and people build again elsewhere rather than knock them down to start again. This can mean, of course, that some structures can weaken over time and, therefore, they need to be eventually demolished for safety reasons. In large cities, however, it is more likely that demolition takes place with perfectly sound buildings because of the pressure there always is on urban space for redevelopment. In both cases, heavy construction equipment will be needed. What are the main tools that are used in demolition today and how do they compare with one another?


To begin with, excavators with a high reach arm are often found on demolition sites. Because these machines are so widespread in Australia, largely due to the fact that there is a big open-cast mining industry in the country, it is not surprising that they are also put to use when buildings need to be torn down. Their ability to reach high up is a big advantage when dealing with two even three-storey buildings. Sometimes excavators are fitted with additional tools, such as powerful pulverisers or grabbing attachments so that they are even more effective on site.

Backhoe Loaders

Secondly, backhoe loaders are another versatile tool that are sometimes put to use in the demolition industry. Unlike most excavators, they do not have caterpillar tracks. This means that they are able to be manoeuvred quite easily and can even be deployed on the road when necessary. Backhoe loaders may not be as powerful as the largest excavators, but they are certainly useful when it comes to knocking down an averagely sized Australian home. When dealing with tough demolition work, backhoe loaders should have the outriggers deployed so that they remain stable.


Finally, bulldozers are another go-to choice for demolition contractors. Although they are often used to clear earth rather than to deal with wrecking work, they can certainly be put to this purpose. Bulldozers are extremely useful for low-level demolitions. Once the upper storeys of a building have been taken down, it is often quicker and easier to put a bulldozer into action for the rest of the job than to use other equipment. Bulldozers have some of the highest levels of torque of any earthmoving equipment, which makes them ideal for bringing down walls that have been made of reinforced concrete rather than bricks and mortar, for example.