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5 Essential Factors When Choosing the Perfect Crane for Your Project

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If your project involves lifting heavy stuff and equipment, you can benefit more from crane hire services. However, this decision is nothing to take for granted, whether you require a crane for short- or long-term purposes. It is therefore crucial to consider other factors such as efficiency, cost and safety in your choice. For you to find the right crane for hire, consider the following tips:

The Crane's Capacity

A crane's capacity defines the maximum load that it can comfortably lift or offload. There are many different cranes with different varieties on the current market for projects ranging from 1-300 tonnes or more, as per the project requirements. Therefore, it's vital to consider the capacity of the crane you require before hiring. Thus, the bigger the size, the more costly it will be to hire a crane. 

The Crane's Bottom Length

Loading is not the only criteria to consider, but also the crane's bottom length, which determines how high the load will reach. For instance, a longer base requires a bigger crane capacity. Therefore, it's crucial to understand the maximum and minimum lifting height before choosing a crane to hire for your project. Besides, consider permissions when hiring cranes since your local authorities may require you to have special permits for specific tasks.

Accessibility of Your Project's Site

The most common mistake most people make during crane hire is the failure to evaluate the project site. Hence, it's crucial to assess possible obstacles in your location. Any obstructions for your crane functioning effectively, such as uneven terrain, buildings, powerlines and construction work, can affect your crane. Your contractors can help identify the appropriate plan for the perfect crane hire for your project. 

Site Survey

If you doubt your assessment, you'd instead request a comprehensive survey from experts. But sometimes, some contractors may decline to conduct the assessment or can be too occupied to finish this task due to unforeseen reasons. However, doing a site survey is of great essence before hiring your crane. It helps save more time and resources when conducting your project.

The Cost Factor

Finally, hiring a crane can be quite pricey, and you should always be keen on the cost factor. You may find companies charging hourly, daily or per project when hiring cranes. Remember, even a simple task like moving the crane to and from the site can cost you money. Therefore, it's crucial to consider the risks involved, nature of the work and other factors that affect your budget in your decision. Furthermore, consider experience, safety, quality of equipment and overall cost when hiring your crane.