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Three reasons to arrange posi track hire

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If you need to complete some digging on your site and the work is too much to be reasonably completed manually, then it makes sense to hire some machinery to help you task in a timely manner. One of the most effective machines for digging deep and wide holes is a posi track, or as it is sometimes called, a bobcat. Here are three reasons that you could consider posi track hire to work on your farm, building site or landscaping project.

Posi tracks are ideal for trench digging

Posi tracks have a fixed wheelbase and dig by gathering earth and dragging it towards the vehicle. If you need to dig trenches or must have a series of holes created in a linear fashion, then a posi track hire would be a great decision. With a rotation radius of 200 degrees, both left and right posi tracks are maneuverable and small enough to get almost anywhere you might need them. In addition to their natural range of movement, there are numerous hydraulic attachments that can be supplied during a posi track hire that will enable the functionality of the machine to be enhanced. These attachments include augers, grapples, breakers and tilt rotators. When used as intended, each of these attachments can boost the ability of the posi track to dig, drill or remove large debris from the working area.

Posi tracks are ideal for farm and industrial work

While for larger jobs you could consider hiring an excavator, in many cases, the smaller posi track is a better option. Posi tracks have the capacity to lift heavy objects and to move easily over largely flat surfaces, which makes them perfect for agricultural and light industrial work. Despite this versatility, posi tracks normally weight less than 10 tons, which makes them far smaller and lighter than a normal excavator.

Posi tracks are cheaper to operate

If you are trying to decide between using an excavator and arranging a posi track hire, then the lower operating costs of a posi track could well be the deciding factor. An excavator may have more functionality, but unless you are working on a large site, you probably don't need that, so why pay extra for functions you will never need. A posi track can be used more intensively than an excavator and still have lower costs than an excavator. Talk to your supplier today about the benefits of posi track hire.