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Hiring a Mobile Crane? Consider This

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Hiring a mobile crane might look like an easy process of just picking out a crane from a fleet, signing some documents and going about your work. This is not the case, however. The mobile crane hire process can either stall your project or make it a success. The following are things you need to consider when hiring a mobile crane:

Site Terrain

The main reason to hire a mobile crane is that you want it to move. You need to ensure that the kind of wheels you choose won't face difficulty on the site's terrain. Find out whether you need additional support because of uneven terrain. You might need a mobile crane equipped with outriggers, which are H-shaped support beams that protrude from the crane's sides to offer additional support. They create a wider surface area to make the mobile crane more stable.

How Heavy Are the Materials You Want To Lift?

Ensure you identify all the materials the mobile crane is supposed to help lift. Which is the heaviest? Choose a crane that can lift a slightly higher weight than your heaviest materials just to be extra safe. Don't attempt lifting objects heavier than the maximum weight that the mobile crane can lift. It might tip over or its cables can break. If this happens, you can cause an accident that destroys the crane, injures workers and destroys property on the site. This, of course, means your project might stall because you have to pay for the damage with project funds. You can also cause emotional problems, especially if a life is lost or an operator is severely injured.

Mobile Crane Hire Agreement

Mobile cranes have high price tags, and that is why a detailed agreement has to be signed. Read and understand the mobile crane hire agreement. If you cannot understand anything in the statement, ask. The agreement lays down the terms of usage, what to do in case of any problem, the length of the hire period, etc. It simply lays down the dos and don'ts. Breach of this contract or agreement might mean the termination of the agreement; you may also incur fines or land yourself in legal trouble.

Mobile Crane Operator

The mobile crane operator should be highly skilled and competent. He or she should hold documents like certificates and licences indicating the successful completion of mobile crane operation and occupational health and safety courses. The operator should also have years of experience in similar mobile crane operation work.

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