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Make the Right Choice When It Comes to Dog Trailers

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Just like you, your dogs also require some level of comfort during those long drives. If you don't like your dogs inside the cabin of your car, maybe because its fur might get stuck on your seats, you might need to buy a comfortable and well-equipped dog trailer. Here's what you need to consider when purchasing a dog trailer:

Size and Number of Your Dogs Versus the Size of the Dog Trailer

Always ensure that your dogs can stand, sleep fully stretched, turn 360 degrees and wag its tail without touching the walls of the dog trailer. If you have more than one dog in the trailer, they should also not feel congested. Each dog should have enough space such that it can lie down or stand without touching the other dog or the walls of the trailer. If you want, you can have divisions in the dog trailer to house each dog; this can be more comfortable and secure if you are driving on rough roads.


An enclosed or confined space can become hot if left under the sun for too long. How well is the dog trailer ventilated? You want your dogs to feel cool and relaxed, not too hot. Think of it this way: how do you feel when it's too hot in the house such that you drag your portable fan near you or you move closer to your A/C. Your dogs might feel the same way.

Waterproof Properties

The dog trailer should not allow rainwater to pass through and should also have interior padding that is waterproof as well. Your dogs should remain dry throughout the journey to avoid sickness and wet dog odours.

Shock Absorbers

If you know you will be driving on rough roads, ensure that you get a dog trailer that is fitted with shock absorbers. Additionally, even though the dog trailer has shock absorbers, don't drive fast on uneven roads; slow down so that you don't throw your dogs up and down in the trailer.

The Material Composition of the Dog Trailer

Always choose stainless steel or aluminium. Both are durable, but steel might be more impact-resistant than aluminium.

How Easy Is It to Use or Clean the Dog Trailer?

Don't get a complex dog trailer that gives you a hard time attaching and detaching or even storing it. The dog trailer should also be easy to clean. Don't get one with a tiny door; ensure that you can at least fit your upper body into the trailer to reach corners during cleaning.