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Why Use a Hoist with a Variable Frequency Drive Motor?

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As you assess suitable construction man hoists for your site, you'll look at issues like height and load capacity to start with. After all, you need a hoist that can carry your men and materials efficiently and safely.

 At this stage, it's also worth digging a little deeper into how hoists work. For example, there are some benefits to choosing a hoist that runs on a variable frequency drive (VFD) motor.

What are the advantages of going with a VFD option?

Get Smoother Lift

A regular hoist motor needs to be powerful enough to raise and lower the lift and any personnel or materials it carries. Basic motors can do this; however, they tend to lack flexibility.

When the motor of a construction hoist starts, it moves to its full capacity quickly. It needs to power up fast to get moving. This often makes the lift jolt as it starts and stops. It can also make for a bumpy ride. Your crews might not much like riding in the hoist, especially if it takes them up to a significant height. They may not feel safe or comfortable. Plus, any materials you put in the hoist will have to be packed carefully and maybe even tied down. Jerks and jolts could move materials around. This can be dangerous, and it can also cause some damage.

A VFD motor gives you a much smoother ride. It doesn't need a sudden shock start but can make the hoist operate much more steadily and evenly at both the start and stop stages.

Get Variable Speeds

Some hoists work at a set speed. You can't change how fast or slow the hoist travels. This can be frustrating and might also give you some loading headaches. For example, if your hoist speed is slow, then it'll take longer to get your crews to and from their work areas. If you have a faster hoist, then this might cause problems with fragile or breakable materials that really should travel extra carefully.

A VFD motor gives you more speed control. You can choose how fast or slow the hoist travels depending on its load. If you find that the hoist is going too fast and is making fragile materials move around too much, then you can simply slow it down to stabilise the load.

For information on VFD motors and well they work with construction man hoists, talk to your equipment supplier or hire company.