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Tips for Adjusting Air-Suspension Truck Seats

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As with anything new, truck drivers can find it a bit tricky to drive trucks that are fitted with air suspension seats for the first time. Air suspension seats are crucial for truck drivers who are getting acquainted with how to double-clutch a non-synchromesh transmission. Therefore, proper adjustment of an air-suspension truck seat is critical to ensuring that you are sitting upright and protecting your neck, back, hips, and legs from injury. This article highlights essential tips for adjusting air suspension truck seats.

Perform Micro-Adjustments -- As mentioned earlier, working with air-suspension truck seats it is not easy, especially for newbie truck drivers. Therefore, finding a safe and comfortable position usually takes a little bit of trial and error. Notably, newbie truck drivers must make micro-adjustments of truck seats to find that sweet spot. Nonetheless, it is highly unlikely that you will be comfortable with the initial adjustment after driving about 10 miles. For this reason, change a seat's settings every few miles until you find the right height, distance from the steering wheel, and back angle.  Most importantly, micro-adjustment saves you the agony of adjusting the same seat on subsequent trips.    

Give the Seat Time to Rest -- One significant difference between a truck seat with air suspension and one with mechanical suspension is that the former tends to bounce when you sit on it. Therefore, if you rush to adjust the height immediately after sitting down, then you are likely to get the settings wrong. Give an air-suspension truck seat a few seconds to fully absorb your weight before adjusting the height and other settings. It ensures that you get the configurations right from start and minimises the number of micro-adjustments you have to make.

Lock the Air Seat -- A crucial part of adjusting an air-suspension truck seat is locking it. Unlike other types of truck seat suspension that only rock up and down, air seats rock in a circular motion -- back and forth as well as up and down -- on rough terrain. Therefore, leaving an air-suspension truck seat unlocked exposes you to a greater risk despite its shock absorption abilities. Ensure that you always lock a seat into position once you are satisfied with the settings. In a locked position, vibrations are transferred through the seat as opposed to your body. It is especially important for long-distance truck drivers to lock their seats.

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