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Lesser-Known Excavator Attachments That Could Prove Invaluable for Your Project

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When engaging in a minor earthmoving project on your property, you will likely be in search of the right equipment to simplify the job at hand. And while there is a multitude of heavy construction equipment that you can consider for this project, none is as multifunctional as the excavator. Some people may underrate the enhanced performance that the excavator offers due to its diminutive size, but do not let its stature deceive you.

When compared to most other forms of heavy construction equipment, the excavator is highly complex, and this nature is what makes it viable for a majority of projects. But to maximise on this piece of machinery, you need to know what attachments to pair it with. In addition to popular accessories such as buckets and diggers, here is a brief list of other lesser-known excavator attachments that could prove invaluable for your residential earthmoving project.


Due to how similar they appear to excavator buckets, some individuals may assume that rakes offer the same functionality but this is untrue. While buckets primarily function to scoop up soil or debris and carry it to a different location, rakes are designed to press down the earth. For instance, if you have engaged in land clearing and want to begin preparing the earth for further work, you can employ an excavator rake to ensure that the site is suitably flat for your intended use. It should also be noted that rakes are highly suited to collecting the vegetation that you have cut in the land preparation process, which also works to make it an effective tool during the land clearing and preparation stage.


Although the name implies that this excavator attachment is employed to tear up materials, the reality is that it is designed to enable one to create an initial access point into the ground. Thus, when you are breaking ground for your earthmoving project, this attachment would be the best option for the job. One advantage that rippers offer over their larger counterparts that are also designed for digging into the earth is that a ripper pierces into the earth much more seamlessly due to its small footprint. Hence, it can prove to be the most ideal solution when working on compacted ground that would be challenging to dig into. Rippers are also highly suited to working on ice in the event that the project dictates that you break through a frozen top layer to reach the ground below.

Further excavator attachments that you may be unfamiliar with may end up being the precise tools you require to streamline your project include grabs, plates, thumbs, couplers and more.