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3 Reasons to Buy a Flatbed Dog Trailer

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If you're looking to buy a new dog trailer, then you need to choose a design. You can go for a traditional flatbed system or one with a stepped deck. While step decks are useful in some situations, a conventional flatbed might be the most useful overall choice.

What are the advantages of flatbed dog trailers?

1. Carry Heavier Loads

Step-deck dog trailers are useful if you need to carry taller loads. They have a lowered deck area to do just that. However, this lowered deck comes with its own problems.

The fact that the deck is closer to the ground might affect the allowable weight capacity of the trailer. It can't carry a load that is heavy enough to dip the deck down any further.

If you need to carry heavier loads, either regularly or periodically, then a flatbed trailer is a better option. These level trailers sit higher off the ground. They typically have a greater weight capacity. So, you won't have to worry about overloads.

2. Get More Load Versatility

Step-deck dog trailers really come into their own when you need to transport something tall. However, they don't always cope with regular loads.

These trailers don't have a level bed; some part of the bed will sit lower than the rest. You might find it hard to get large and long loads on the trailer securely.

For example, if you need to transport a load of long industrial pipes, then they won't have a full trailer bed to support them. Parts of them will sit over the step. It might not be safe to carry this kind of load.

You won't have this problem with a flatbed trailer. As long as you can fit items on the bed, they will all lie flat and get even support. You'll always have enough space to carry your loads.

3. Get Faster Loading

Loading regular items on to a step-deck trailer can take some time. You'll have to plan your load carefully to factor in the different deck levels. You can't simply load everything on the bed without thinking about where it fits and the impact its placement will have on the security of the load.

When you load a flatbed dog trailer, you have a level space to fill. You'll find it a lot easier and quicker to load up the trailer and get it on the road.

To find out more about flatbed benefits, talk to dog trailers suppliers.