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2 Tips for Selecting a Heavy-Duty Mulching Machine for Your New Construction Business

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If you have recently started a construction business, you may be planning on building on undeveloped land that is covered in brush and trees. Because of this, you may be looking into buying a mulching machine so that you can not only process the material more easily but also make a little extra money by selling the mulch.

However, if you have never purchased this type of equipment, you may be struggling with making a decision since there are so many options from which to choose. If so, start your decision-making process by using the tips below.

1.  Consider the Weight and Thickness of the Trees and Brush You Will Typically Handle

One of the first things you should do before buying a mulching machine is to think about what you will be processing with it. While you may already know that brush and trees will be fed into it, think one step further and consider the average weight, height, and thickness that the equipment will typically handle.

Having an idea of the material you will be mulching can help you make a decision on a couple of features. First, if you plan on mulching tall trees, you would need to pick a horizontal feeder over a tub.

Second, the thickness of the material will also determine the thickness of the mulching blades. If you plan to process hard, thick branches and trucks, you would need to select larger teeth that are made from thick, heavy steel.

2.  Look for Models That Allow You to Easily Change the Tracks from Steel to Rubber Ones

Another feature for which you should look when choosing a mulcher is the ability to easily change the tracks. Usually, the machines come with steel tracks that allow them to move over rough terrain.

However, if you need to preserve as much of the ground as possible, steel will tear up the grass and dirt as it travels over them. However, if you can easily change the tracks over to rubber ones, this material will be gentler on the ground's surface as it passes over it.

When selecting a machine to purchase for your business, considering the type of raw materials the equipment will have to process and ensuring that the mulcher can traverse various types of terrain will help you make a decision on one that will fit your needs. Contact a company that offers mulching services for more information as well as for help with picking out additional features that you may find useful.