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When to Rent an Excavator

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Excavators come in different sizes, from mini excavators to much larger excavators, and they can be rented or purchased. Many people choose to rent them because they only need them for one specific project. In fact, not only do homeowners rent excavators sometimes, but even people who work in the construction industry and own other types of construction equipment work with these rental companies.

Installing a Swimming Pool

You might have decided that you want to install a swimming pool on your property since you might expect that you and your family will be able to really enjoy it. If you have decided that you want to install an in-ground swimming pool, then a hole will obviously need to be dug so that the pool can be installed. This can be done with an excavator. You might choose to rent the excavator yourself, or the professional who is installing your swimming pool might rent it so they can complete the project.

Demolishing a Structure

Excavators are commonly used for demolition, such as when outdoor storage buildings, old houses and other structures have to be torn down. If you want to demolish a structure so that you can make different use of your property, then you may need to rent an excavator that can be used for that purpose. Just be aware that demolition work can be dangerous, so it's important to be careful.

Removing or Installing a Well

There might be a well on your property, but it might not be usable anymore for one reason or another. You may want to have it removed, but you might not be sure of how this can be done. An excavator can be used to dig a hole to expose the old well, and it can even be used to physically remove remaining well-related equipment from the ground. Then, if you want to install a new well in its place, or if you want to install a well elsewhere on your property, you will probably find that an excavator will be useful for that as well.

Installing a Septic Tank

If you are building a home on a piece of land that will not be serviced by the local sewage company, then you might be planning on installing a septic tank. If this is the case, then a hole will need to be dug so that the septic tank can be hidden underground. Again, an excavator can be used for this purpose.

To find out what kind of specific excavator equipment you need, contact a local heavy construction equipment rental service.