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Qualities Of Crushed Rock That Make It A Must-Have When Paving Your Property

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Hardscaping your residential property comes with a host of advantages. Foremost, you get the opportunity to create usable spaces in your yard while simultaneously creating contrast with the plant life on your property. Secondly, hardscaping your property mitigates the risk of soil erosion by allowing you to address any issues you may have with the slope of your land. With that said, the easiest way to hardscape your property is to install paving.

Previously, asphalt and concrete were the go-to materials for homeowners looking to pave their property, but this is no longer the case. Over the years, more and more people are discovering the advantages that crushed rock provides for paving applications. If you were under the impression that crushed rock was solely advantageous for commercial applications, check out the following qualities of this material that make it a must-have when paving your property.

Crushed rock offers effortless installation

Despite concrete being a favourite when it comes to outdoor paving, many homeowners can agree the installation of this material is quite arduous. Not only do your heavy construction contractors have to mix the concrete correctly, but they also have to apply it uniformly and then wait for it to cure before you can use the outdoor paving. This is not the case when you opt for crushed rock as your preferred paving supply.

Depending on the type of crushed rock supplies you choose, the contractors simply need to slightly excavate your property before they can install the crushed rock. Once the crushed rock is in place, the contractors will use a roller to compact the materials in place so that the crushed rock does not become displaced once it is exposed to foot traffic. Overall, this process takes a couple of days and this makes crushed rock both time and cost-efficient when employed for residential paving.

Crushed rock offers easy personalisation

Admittedly, concrete supplies are not simply available in bland, grey hues. Depending on your needs, you can customise concrete supplies in a variety of ways, such as stamping, acid staining and more. However, all these customisations demand arduous labour, so you can expect to pay your heavy construction contractors more to beautify the concrete. Fortunately, this is not an issue you have to contend with when you opt for crushed rock.

Contrary to popular belief, crushed rock is not exclusively available as gravel. Rather, it comes in a wide variety of options such as limestone, river rock, marble, granite and so much more. Consequently, you not only have the option of customising your crushed rock paving based on the size of the materials but you also have a vast selection of colours to choose from.